Hi, I'm Dominik :D
I am a ux-designer

…, because it’s the perfect mix of 3 of my biggest interests, visual design, behavioural psychology and coding.

In the creative field, I see myself as a link between design and development because of my skills and interests.Through my education and current freelance work experience, I bring a range of other creative skills such as media design, photography and film. I would describe myself as diplomatic, rational and especially in the context of design and solution finding, methodical. As a nice bonus, I always have an appropriate pun ready. Please enjoy my portfolio and see yourself :)

my favorite projects (so far)

Orbis Romanum

How networked the Roman Empire already was at that time and how its globalization of the affected the variety of products will be illustrated by our interactive communication system using selected products from the exhibition.

people group of 4

time 5 months

Alkoholsteuer (light control by bottle)

The drink control gives all party guests control over which lighting mood should prevail in the room. It is controlled by simply placing the bottle on the table, tilting it and pressing it. The coloured ring communicates the setting options and gives feedback when something has been changed.

people group of 3

time 5 months

Journey through kenia

This is a data visualization of my trip through the beautiful country kenia. From a series of 1300 self-made photos, I have read out, processed and visualized data via Python and JavaScript.

format+ magazine

Online magazine by students for students. My role was Author and Head of CMS.

people 10-20 people

time 3 Semesters


MPathy is a messenger that aims to reduce misunderstandings and promote empathy in digital communication.

AI-interpreted sensor data is processed into emotion visualisations and linked to text messages sent to the chat partners.

people group of 3

time 3 months

Artikel: Klicken im Autopilot

"Pop-ups are increasingly being carelessly clicked away, regardless of whether they are irrelevant or not. People have simply become used to this behaviour ..."

I have been observing this behavioural phenomenon for some time and have analysed, researched and presented it in an understandable way within the framework of an extensive article.