Artikel: Klicken im Autopilot

"Pop-ups are increasingly being carelessly clicked away, regardless of whether they are irrelevant or not. People have simply become used to this behaviour ..."

I have been observing this behavioural phenomenon for some time and have analysed, researched and presented it in an understandable way within the framework of an extensive article.

The analysed pattern, broken down into four steps

personal goal

A very common problem I have found to better understand and communicate to others.

main idea

Understand and sensitise others to frequently self-observed problem of 'careless clicking'.

Whats so special about ...

... our project?

... the final solution?

  1. topic analyzed, which is quite unpopular
  2. detailed understanding and explaination of self recognized pattern

Here are some more impressions :D

shematic illustration of an example

shematic illustration of an example