Orbis Romanum

How networked the Roman Empire already was at that time and how its globalization of the affected the variety of products will be illustrated by our interactive communication system using selected products from the exhibition.

people group of 4

time 5 months

personal goal

Learning how to create fascination for valuable knowledge in a playful and catchy way

main idea

Playfully explain the progressive Roman Empire to museum visitors using found items and their origin/transport

Whats so special about ...

... our project?

  1. Within the framework of the project, an interactive prototype was created, consisting of a self-built wooden table with a built-in interactive Arduino setup for the interface feedback.
  2. The historical background and the basic conditions for the concept were developed in cooperation with four museum curators from the Roman fort Saalburg.
  3. Special emphasis was placed on the historically accurate facts and representations.

... the final solution?

  1. For a playful learning experience via several senses, Orbis Romanum offers the combination of haptic figures to touch and rearrange, as well as the reaction of the digital interface to the interaction.
  2. Beyond Frequently addressed topics, Orbis Romanum addresses a topic that is relatively unknown to the general public.

Here are some more impressions :D

first paper prototype

final prototype

Orbis romanum in cluse up

3d-printed objects

selfmade wooden desk