Alkoholsteuer (light control by bottle)

The drink control gives all party guests control over which lighting mood should prevail in the room. It is controlled by simply placing the bottle on the table, tilting it and pressing it. The coloured ring communicates the setting options and gives feedback when something has been changed.

people group of 3

time 5 months

personal goal

Understanding interface design, user testing and arduino by building a haptic and unconventional, but still highly user friendly device.

main idea

Playful control of party light with only a glass/bottle in hand

quote by the professor

“The technical implementation and programming would be at the upper limit even in the IoT degree programme.” - Michael Schuster, Supervision

Whats so special about ...

... our project?

  1. Advancedly programmed Mid/Hifi Prototype
  2. 5x iterated prototype
  3. Interaction concept based on user research and testing
  4. pun counter

... the final solution?

  1. Playful way for all guests to influence party moods

Here are some more impressions :D

Final product in context

Our first prototype, a led-ring below a sheet of paper

second prototype, made with the lid of a tomato package

third prototype made out of cardboard to test interaction with a bottle

fourth prototype including light and movement sensors

wireing in close up

fifth and final prototype 3d printed with different materials

Reduce value fluctuations

Read out direction value

Make value ranges comparable

Pressure detection by measuring the pressure on the entire base

Tilt detection